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Please refer to the Processing Custom Callbacks help topic. Hello Giovany, I suggest that you modify your scenario a little, to resolve this problem: 1) Assign a particular column's Edit Item Template in the Page_Load stage rather than in the Start Row Editing stage; 2) Handle the ASPx Grid View. Row Updating event and get a reference to a particular editor inside the column's Edit Item Template via the ASPx Grid View.Regards, Søren Hello Søren, Thank you for your project.I have reproduced the issue on our side and discussed it with our developers.And, as I have no saved data in the Row Updating method, I'm out of luck there as well.Regards, Søren Hello Søren, Thank you for your reply.

If my hints do not help you, please isolate the issue in a small working project (containing only the problematic ASPx Grid View bound to any portable datasource) that shows the described behavior.

And also, if I replace the ASPx Text Box with regular Text Box, I don't even need to write any code in the Row Updating Event and it works fine.

Why does not ASPx Text Box behave the same as Text Box does? Yihuey in the Row Updating Event and it works fine.

I want to edit the grid view columns in which user click the edit button he will edit the column in the grid adn after that i want to add update button so that when he clicks on updates button after editing the row.

The row will be updated and the grid will show you the new update row.

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