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Tripp and Horatio go to Rebecca's condo and find a smear near where the entertainment center was. Ryan matches the marks in the skull to a tire iron.

He takes the evidence to Delko, who gently teases him about the autopsy and says that Speedle was the one who "hazed" him when he first started.

Ryan gets a piece of rare Kobe beef from a napkin found at the scene, and they trace it to the Solar State Insurance skybox.

Stanton Hayes, who signed for it, admits to being there, but he says he tended to Marcus.

About a month after the engagement, Calleigh had noticed him acting weird, and for a few days, she was worried, but, on the two month anniversary of him proposing, he took her to dinner, and then told her he had a surprise.

But I couldn’t just ignore my feelings, because I do that too much as it is, and I think you deserve to know.” She was silent, a bit embarrassed, and she hoped he would feel the same. He had forgotten about his sister’s death, and had asked her where Marisol is and why she wasn’t there, and then, Horatio, who had been married to Marisol, had to tell Eric again, that she was dead, and he had cried.

Horatio promises to tell her if he finds out anything.

Ryan and Calleigh go over the evidence from Marcus's assault.

He keeps his cool until he notices Laken's head has been severed and Alexx is boiling the skin off to get to the skull so that they can determine what kind of weapon he was killed with.She comes up empty until she checks the police reports and learns that Richard was a witness to an assault on player Marcus Washington. Marcus is in a coma, and his mother, Tonya, tells Horatio that Marcus has a cerebral edema.One man hit Washington, the other attended to him before they both fled. He was attacked because he defended her, but she was busy tending to him and can't remember the attackers' faces.Instead of calling the police, she went back to speed dating to find the culprit.She thought Richard looked guilty and confronted him about it. She sends Ryan to determine what he was killed with.

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