Application screenupdating not working in excel 2016 how to seal the deal dating

Screen Updating = False Call Unhide_Contra_Info Active Sheet.

Here's what I used: Sub hidecols() Dim ws As Worksheet Set ws = Active Sheet Application.

Hi I am looking to search a single folder containing multiple excel files to return specific columns from 2 sheets within each document. Count Then Msg Box "There are not enough rows in the target worksheet." Base Wks.

I need to gather cells G2: I251 from all workbooks but from sheets renamed as 'wireless' and 'part cal'.

ideally the end excel would look like; Sub Merge All Workbooks() Dim My Path As String, Files In Path As String Dim My Files() As String Dim Source Rcount As Long, FNum As Long Dim mybook As Workbook, Base Wks As Worksheet Dim source Range As Range, destrange As Range Dim rnum As Long, Calc Mode As Long ' Change this to the path\folder location of your files. Worksheets(1) rnum = 1 ' Loop through all files in the my Files array.

My Path = "M:\My Documents\Z Test folder do not use" ' Add a slash at the end of the path if needed. Enable Events = False End With ' Add a new workbook with one sheet. If FNum 0 Then For FNum = LBound(My Files) To UBound(My Files) Set mybook = Nothing On Error Resume Next Set mybook = Workbooks.

The macro opens 3 other workbooks, activates Book1 (after opening the other 3 workbooks), and refreshes the screen All works well in Excel 2010 but, With 2016 (and, I suspect, 2013) the screen flickers during macro execution which suggests that the Application. Also, at the end of the macro the first workbook opened by the macro (i.e. I would appreciate any help to resolve this problem.

If you are trying to open the file from your list of most recently used files on the File menu, make sure that the file has not been renamed, moved, or deleted.but when I run the macro it hides G through M, and O through Z. I have tried to break the macro down into several smaller macros and "call" them in a master macro for that series of macros, but I continue to get the same results. Sub Import() Dim Dest Book As Workbook, Source Book As Workbook Dim Dest Cell As Range Dim Ret Val As Boolean ' Set object variables for the active book and active cell. Show("*.txt", , True) ' If Retval is false (Open dialog canceled), exit the procedure. Paste Special Paste:=xl Values ' Close the book containing the text file. Set Dest Book = Active Workbook Set Dest Cell = Active Cell ' Show the Open dialog box. If Ret Val = False Then Exit Sub ' Set an object variable for the workbook containing the text file. Copy ' Activate the destination workbook and paste special the values ' from the text file.

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Column 2 ("Description") has a drop down menu (see Row 4) in each cell for choosing specific paychecks and banking transactions.

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