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Loving someone struggling with addiction can be incredibly difficult, painful, and chaotic.Because drug addiction impacts the whole family, treating the addicted person alone is usually not enough to create lasting change in a family unit.Some of the resources available for siblings include: SHARC Sibling Support Program: The SHARC Sibling Support Program is an Australian program that formally acknowledges that siblings were previously all but invisible to alcoholism and drug addiction support services around the country.The purpose of the Sibling Support Program is to address the unique needs of siblings of addicted loved ones by offering online support, shared stories, videos, fact sheets, and toolkits specifically for siblings of alcoholics and addicted persons—which are available to siblings anywhere (not just in Australia).They offer local face-to-face meetings at several locations throughout Massachusetts, New Jersey, Florida, and Idaho, in addition to myriad online support resources and forums.

But most family support programs are open to siblings as well as other family members.Drug addiction affects the entire family, from parents to children, brothers to sisters, and sometimes even close friends.While substance abuse affects each family differently, there are many common adversities among families facing drug addiction, including financial difficulties, legal issues, educational disparities, emotional distress, and domestic violence.Anyone who is concerned about the destructive behavior of a loved one is welcome to attend.Learn to Cope: Learn to Cope is a peer support group for families affected by drug addiction.

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