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(Most of our teachers at the Green Room have extensive experience as current or former Casting professionals at major Chicago or LA casting offices.Those without casting experience have developed successful careers as professional actors.) This is what the Green Room is known for.We take a new look at aspects of storytelling that are unfortunately taken for too much for granted, and use that rebuilt foundation to move into much more effective and much more masterful storytelling.TO THE LESS EXPERIENCED: Many of our students who have less experience actually thrive right alongside the actors who have been doing this for years.As such, their approach ends up having little difference from their general acting approach, and at best it only sets up the actor with a generalized knowledge that leaves them right on par with all of the actors in the city that have been doing this for a year or so (and just “learned on the job”! Our aim is to take your skill set deeper and farther in order to actually book on a regular basis.There are a lot of actors out there that are "good" - - They get called in to the casting offices because their acting is quite believeable. They don’t know HOW to manipulate the audition, focus on the story structure in a deeper way, play the room in a multi-take callback session, or make "strategic-creative-chocies" instead of just "creative-choices".

PLEASE NOTE: All of our classes with guest casting directors/associates/assistants are a learning experience, not an audition or employment opportunity.

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Some students opt to only take one class, some take a few over the course of a year or two, but many choose to complete the entire program and continue on with the on-going advanced studies.

Whatever your chosen path, you will find it to be the BEST on-camera training around. To show you how to book the roles you’re not booking right now.

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The On Camera Training Program (OCTP) takes the experienced actor and teaches them to use their skills in ways that are strategically effective in today's on camera market.

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