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His special talent is for taking things he hears literally, with humorous and occasionally insightful results.Thus: When Milligan wrote The Idiot Weekly, an Australian version of The Goon Show, Eccles often made appearances in the script.Very occasionally, he was referred to as 'Mad Dan' Eccles.Eccles was one of the show's secondary characters, but like his counterpart Bluebottle (portrayed by Sellers), Eccles became extremely popular and he is regarded as epitomising the show's humour." In "The Greenslade Story", Grytpype-Thynne mentions that Eccles is colour-blind, and in "The Missing Scroll", Seagoon says of Eccles: "He was living proof that the Piltdown Skull was not a hoax." The Eccles character and his distinctive voicing were strongly influenced by Milligan's childhood love for the classic Walt Disney cartoons and specifically Disney's anthropomorphic buffoon dog character Goofy.However Eccles transcended the denseness of Goofy, being instead more like a young adult with childlike impulses, which may explain his friendship with Bluebottle.

This is due to the fact that the cartoon about adventures of Mickey Mouse is still very popular among children and their parents.As a parent of two young children, and a fully committed Disney-phile, I try to stay abreast on the latest Disney movies.And by stay abreast, I mean I will sit and watch them 300 times with my kids until I can not only memorize lines, but find plot holes, create conspiracy theories, and dream in full-color animation.Seagoon says of him "He was the nearest thing I had seen to a human being without actually being one" ("The Dreaded Batter Pudding Hurler of Bexhill-On-Sea").In "Lurgi Strikes Britain", in a conversation about how Lurgi could easily kill every human in England, Eccles quips, "Then I'm okay, fellers!

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