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Thom Hogan recently wrote, that for the 18 years or so that we've had DSLRs, the most tangible improvements from model to model was during the first half of that period.The second half has mostly seen incremental improvements of mature technology.

I wouldn't say that mirrorless is still in its infancy.

I think most people see "outdated" as something that is just replaced by a newer technology that is perhaps better, not necessarily that it's widely used or not widely used.

And by my saying the DSLR market is slowly dying meaning that while perhaps the majority of users for now may still be using DSLRs, that number is dropping, as more people are moving to something else (mirrorless perhaps, and not necessarily to Sony either).

It's almost a decade since Panasonic released the G1, the first mirrorless ILC (not counting the rangefinders by Epson and Leica).

And mirrorless cameras of course existed already before that, just not with interchangeable lenses.

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