A hybrid model in dynamic software updating for c

The new VCO is implemented and simulated by using ADS platform with 0.35μm AMS CMOS technology; this circuit uses relatively small devices dimensions and low power supply 2V to operate in a large range frequency. Kwasniewski, Member, IEEE, “CMOS VCO’s for PLL Frequency Synthesis in GHz Digital Mobile Radio Communications”, IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, Vol. The structure and the operation of proposed Voltage Controlled Ring Oscillator have been described. Abstract: In this paper we use fuzzy set method to solve one of the important problems in mechanical engineering (risk when extend the service life). The residual service life for rolling stock can change depending on it’s using conditions.

Senthilkumaar " Machining Performance Study on Metal Matrix Composites-A Response Surface Methodology Approach" American Journal of Applied Sciences, 2012, Vol.9, No.4, pp.478-483.

There is a good agreement between the measured and simulated performances. The results were analyzed using an effective procedure of response surface methodology (RSM) to determine optimal values of cutting parameters. Moshksar " Evaluation of machinability in turning of microalloyed and quenched-tempered steels: Tool wear, statistical analysis, chip morphology" Journal of materials processing technology, 2009, Vol.209, pp.

This kind of filter is very much compact in nature as compared to the shunt-stub or coupled-line bandstop filters since the spurline structure is confined to a transmission line. Statistical analysis of variance (ANOVA) was performed to determine significance of the cutting parameters.

Several diagnostic tests were also performed to check the validity of assumptions.

The results indicate that cutting force components are influenced principally by the depth of cut, while the effect of both cutting speed and feed rate is small. Birgoren "Design ptimization of cutting parameters when turning hardened AISI 4140 steel (63 HRC) with Al2O3 Ti CN mixed ceramic tool.

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