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Imagine, if you will, the peoples of our country…and eventually those of our entire world…living in peace and harmony.Just imagine the prosperous nature our lives would be afforded within such a miracle. So, how could this dream possibly be brought to reality? Yes, it can – and will – through implementation of the Prime Law!Think of the universally immense value that would be provided by a national, then world-wide uniting of positive principles. In fact, there has never been a cleaner, more precisely stated “law” ever in the annals of human history.Think of how that value would be measured not only as whole, but within the “I”ness of each individual as well. “Ah,” you may say, “that would indeed be wonderful. Nor has there ever been a better time period to bring it to light and utilization as the present.

I would bet the bank that he will not come to Canada to meet you.

I would like to know your opinion on our relationship and the age difference. The age and maturity difference at this stage is far too much. He does think it is a sin for me to disobey my parents and is planning on talking to them to get them to approve of our relationship.

If you were both adults then it would be a different matter, but as it stands there's too much potential for VERY BAD things to happen. He lives in Pakistan, there they start school at 5 and end at 15, then they have 2 years of collage.

Any 17 year old in his right mind would not be speaking this way to a 12 year old.

I know a 16 year old who is dating a 19 year old and her parents object. Is there any law against her parents forcing her to test and see if she is having sex with the 19 year old even if she does not want to test?

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