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She does that by demonstrating her credentials – where she works, professional recognition and what she personally achieved fitness wise.She also uses a CTA to invite people to apply for her training program or to contact her at her email.is one of the most popular personal website builders, and it’s no wonder.It has all the most important features, it’s very intuitive and looks great.She gives us a short insight into her work and passions, but allow us to find out more by perusing her social media accounts and You Tube channel. What matters more than anything when it comes to your online dating profile? Photos can drastically increase your chances of getting more communication and dates. In fact, profiles with photos are nine times more likely to get communication.Today, he is an award-winning violinist who performed in venues ranging from Carnegie Hall and The White House, to classrooms and hospitals all over the world. Starting from the picture, Olivia shares her approach to life – joyful and healthy.What you can see from his example is also a clever use of about.me’s backstory option, which serves as resume of sorts where you can list all you future and current business endeavors. In her bio she gives more information about herself with a special emphasis on her values and beliefs; something that, as a potential employer or business partner looking at the profile, can tell you if you would be a right fit or not.

What I like about her profile is that she managed to turn its one page format into a portfolio of her work.His profile is the perfect example how you don’t need many words to say everything that needs to be said.His picture shows Ken in his natural setting – capturing the allure of his newest destination, while various links that he provides direct you towards places where you can find out more about his work.That is why you, as a startup founder and even an employee, play a big role in your company’s or NGO’s corporate brand.What better way to give a first clue into what you do than to include your signature illustration and book character, Muggles, in your profile?

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